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The Worst Contractor Ever?

The Worst Contractor Ever?

Worst General Contractor Ever?I just got back from a training with my friends from FortuneBuilders in San Diego (great city!). While the focus of this long weekend was mostly the state of
foreclosures, short sales and REO properties in our respective markets, we of course talked about all things regarding real estate investment and homeowner service / problem solving. On Sunday, JD and Paul Esajian (of “Flip This House” on A&E) showed us this hilarious video they produced.

If you’ve ever had trouble with a general contractor or handyman (that never happens, right?), you’ll feel a special attachment to this short film. Of course, JD & Paul are absolute experts when it comes to rehabbing and renovating houses, so there are a few lessons to be learned here. If you’re hiring someone for your rehab, do your homework on them, get referrals, make sure all expected work is crystal clear and in writing and that channels of communication stay open. If you’re a contractor or handyman, then here’s how not to get your next job!

With that said, I present to you “Subpar Construction & Customer Underappreciation 101” – enjoy!

Funny, huh? What are some of YOUR worst rehab nightmares? Share below!

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