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West Side Oahu Rising? A Story of Numbers

Can you analyze real estate market numbers? Don’t just take spin – tease out the important numbers from the noise. Here are a couple Oahu examples.

2012 Mid-Year Hawaii Housing Status

Aloha! Ok, we’re about a month past midyear 2012 but it still works as it can take a while for those troublesome stats to kick in. What a first half of the year it’s been for housing and real estate in Hawaii. Let’s look at some key points: Inventory is tightening up just about everywhere […]

So Much for Facebook…

Did the Facebook IPO ruin your portfolio? Don’t gamble in the market when the Hawaii summer can fill it with tons of equity and great real estate deals.

Waikiki Beach Sand Project and Its Effects

Waikiki beach sand replenishment is expected to be completed in April 2012. Do you support the project and how will it affect Waikiki condo owners?